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当前位置:首页 » 团队相册 » Energy Storage

Energy Storage

The KTCN R & D center independently developed a large container storage system and Household energy storage system. The system can provide users with off grid energy storage system solution, which has reached the domestic advanced level, the cycle life is greater than 5000 times, the energy conversion efficiency is more than 88%, can be output in 100KW - 1MW, at the same time there are the following characteristics:

1、 High security, low cost, long life;

2、 Intelligent human computer interface, real-time monitoring, easy to operation;

3、 Automatic security system, full immersion, safe and reliable, fast response;

4、 Modular design, easy maintenance;

5、Intelligent temperature control system, the system is not affected by external environment

The system can choose various types of battery such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, lead carbon etc., customized according to customer requirements. It is used in a number of projects in China, and the performance of the system is excellent.

Because of its prominent advantages of long service life, large scale energy storage battery, good uniformity, safe and reliable, fast response, environmentally friendly, all vanadium redox flow battery energy storage technology become one of the preferred energy storage technology in China, it has also become the future development trend of large-scale electrochemical storage, has great development prospects. Our R & D center take this technology as a key R & D technology, has also made a major breakthrough.