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KTCN(831999) efficient energy-saving pump project

KTCN (831999) has achieved cooperation of the efficient energy-saving pump project with a number of enterprises recently


 The first half year of 2016 is a harvest season for KTCN (Stock code: 831999). We’ve achieved many successful cases in the efficient energy-saving water pump business.

KTCN (Stock code: 831999) has achieved cooperation of the transformation project for efficient energy-saving water pump with Jiangsu Dingsheng Aluminum, Shougang Jingtang Xishan Coking Plant, Jingye Steel, Wuhu Fuxin Steel, Sichuang Hangda Steel, Fujian Dingxin Industrial Limited Company, and Hebei Xinxing Cast Tube. The purpose is to help the above companies lower down the energy consumption, complete the energy-saving demands, and increase efficiency. The energy-saving effects are significantly more than expected.


Fujian Dingxin Industrial Limited Company: 33% energy-saving

Hangzhou Dingsheng Industrial Limited Company: 33% energy-saving

Hebei Jingye Group: 35% energy-saving

Shougang Jingtang Xishan Coking Plant: 31% energy-saving

Wuhu Fuxin Steel: 25% energy-saving

Sichuang Hangda Steel: 30% energy-saving

Hebei Xinxing Cast Tube: 30% energy-saving

The cooperation of this project all follows the mode of EMC. The capital investment in the early stage, the supply of hardware and software, and the installation, debugging and maintenance in the late stage of the project are all completed by KTCN.


KTCN (831999) is the leader in the energy-saving, environmental protection and new energy plates listed in the three new board. Always adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, leadership, dedication, and sharing, KTCN is committed to promoting industrial energy-saving and ecological civilization, providing energy-saving transformation services for many high energy consuming enterprises to realize mutual benefit and a win-win situation. With KTCN, let your career keep pace with environmental protection.

This is the brief introduction of KTCN’s recent cooperation of the effective energy-saving pump project. See your heart here? If you want to know more about KTCN, please click the customer service consulting in the right of the website or call the 24-hour service hotline: 图片3. KTCN will wholeheartedly at your service!